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First sex

The rules of the first sex for girls

The first sexual experience can occur at different ages. As a rule, it is acquired because of not only attraction and deep feelings. Sometimes psychological and social factors play a big role. Great responsibility in this situation goes on man, so the rules of the first sex are so important. If he proves to be rude, it can make a mental issue the lady and in this way prompt issues later on sexual life. To prevent this, you should take after specific guidelines of the first sex.

The primary rules of the first sex are that the determining role is played by the emotional mood and desire. These explain the fact that in most cases, the first sex for girls is painless. If a girl feels that the desire for sex is great and feels her willingness to have sexual intercourse with this man, she does not experience pain. If you just calm down, stop being afraid, then all unpleasant sensations will disappear. In some cases, a girl may experience minor short-term pain. This is due to your physiological characteristics.

Break between the first and second sex

You may not feel pain when you have sex on your second time. Only between the first and the second act must pass some time. The body will need to restore. Usually, it takes about five days.  At the first sex, as a rule, a woman receives satisfaction only from the care of a man, but not from the act itself.

Defloration in several steps

The rules of the first sex are such that defloration does not necessarily have to occur at one time. If a woman experiences unpleasant sensations or pain that she can not tolerate, then you can try to complete it in several steps. This approach has several advantages. With each new attempt, the girl’s fear becomes weaker, so it will be easier for defloration. Most often during the first sexual intercourse in the vagina, there is bloody discharge, but sometimes this does not happen. In either case, both partners should be careful. This, however, concerns not only about the first sex.

Types of sex

Types of sex that you should try

Have you ever thought how to get rid of routine in sexual relationships? The answer is simple. You should try something new in the bed. Here I have some information about types of different new sex.

Fast sex.

It is like a sprinting distance in sex. In other words, it is the fastest sex without any preparation; it should happen in your clothing. Right place? Anywhere you want to. It may happens on the floor of the living room, in a car or in the toilet. Right time? As more spontaneous, as more effective. Rules? Caution. Do not moan or scream loudly. Enjoying silence is an important part of fast sex.

Aqua sutra

Aqua sutra or sex in water is one of the most popular types of sex. Sexologists give to the bathroom the leading place in the rating of new erotic places. The immersion in the bath is ideal for sex, at this moment the muscles relax, and the skin becomes soft to the touch. And the shower is good for more aggressive sex. Do not forget about safety equipment: mats on the bottom and special holders on the wall to ease the sexual stance and not slip. An important recommendation is that you should to be careful – condoms in the water are easily torn.

Outdoor sex

Everything is very simple. You have to go out of your house. Even if it’s a simple garden in the country. It is a pleasure to do outdoor sex both at day and night. And if you have a lot of free space, the strength of the partner’s orgasm is even more intense.

Internet sex

All kinds of sex with intimal communication with a partner here and now, with or without a camera are good. The cybersex also includes sex on the phone, outright messages or letters. According to statistics, 30% of internet users do it for time to time. This phenomenon has a bad side. You may become addictive and it will create emotional problems and changes in normal sexual life. In this case, it equates to drug addiction.

What woman wants

What woman wants from you in bed

Prepare for sex

If you do not know how to satisfy a woman in bed, make her a pleasant surprise before doing love. For girls, sex is not just physical intimacy. First of all, they want to feel welcome and loved. Therefore, you definitely will not do worse if you arrange a romantic date or just bring flowers.

Of course, your good manners will not make a girl undress faster, but she will note your efforts. For their part, the girls know that good underwear is one of those items that men want to see in bed.

Attention after sex

Women do not like it when a man feels orgasm and does not pay attention to her anymore. He wants to either sleep or eat, but she wants kisses and tenderness. Do not leave a woman alone, because even the best can be spoiled by bad thoughts at this moment. Lie near her so that she feels important and desired.

What women want in bed

Each woman is unique in her sexual desires. Some prefer passionate sex, others prefer more sensual and gentle. But there are several ways, how to please every woman. I reveal the secrets of how to satisfy a girl in sex.

Oral sex

Yes, not only men like oral sex. And this sexual act is an incredible way to make the girl horny. If you think about how to light a woman, oral sex is an excellent choice.

Eye contact.

For women, it is very important to catch eye contact during sex. It is important for her to notice that the partner looks at her with desire. Then all the complexes and bad thoughts go away.


Women are very unpredictable in their sexual desires. In one day they are ready for role-playing games, in the second they want to experiment with sex toys, and in the third, they agree to traditional gentle sex.

Be romantic.

You do not even suspect, but the most common things may make women feel a sexual attraction. Just think about music, flowers, chocolate or wine.


Why orgasm is good for your health

Orgasm will make you beautiful

Lady Gaga says that the secret of her skin is very simple: spinach and orgasms, many-many orgasms! Nothing surprising: during sex in the female body doubles the level of the hormone of beauty – estrogen, which, is responsible for the youth and beauty of the skin.

In addition, orgasm helps to not to become fat. The average 30-minute sex session burns up to 200 calories. And it also regulates your appetite, so you will not want to eat different sweets. And the pheromones that your body radishes after sex make you sometimes more attractive to the opposite sex. The more active your sexual life – the more pheromones!

Orgasm helps to keep healthy reproductive organs

Sex improves blood circulation in the most female parts of your body, which affect positively their condition. By the way, “red days” – not a reason at all to refuse satisfaction. Orgasm during this period helps to prevent endometriosis – an unpleasant illness that leads to infertility.

Orgasm helps to fight stress

Your mental and emotional state is directly related to sex. His absence causes depression. But any sexual activity (including an orgasm) forces your body to produce oxytocin – the so-called hormone of hugs. This is the best hormone in the world. He is responsible for the sense of satisfaction, reduces the feeling of anxiety and fear, and increases the sense of trust between the partners. Oxytocin is good in itself, but it launches into the body a whole chain of processes that lead to the development of endorphins, which will make you feel good and calm. In addition, endorphins have a sedative effect, which means that you will have a good sleep.

Orgasm relieves pain

Do you think if you have a headache than is it a good excuse to not to have sex? But no! A headache this is a direct indication that it is time for having sex. All the same, oxytocin and endorphins are good in the fight against many types of pain (from arthritis to migraines) and ten times more effective than conventional pain relievers are. Even without side effects.


Erotic games in the shower

People also like to play while making love. Do not underestimate the importance of laughter as a stimulator of your desire and the variety of caresses that you give to each other. To enhance passion in foreplay, couples play in a variety of games. Very popular poker for undressing, but there are also many other games that might suit you.

A cold shower is known for the legendary story of lunch, which had to be interrupted due to a sudden desire. The hero of the story suddenly left the room for lunch (to avoid the realization of his impulse) and ran to a cold shower in order to cool his ardor. However, there are ways to use the shower to stir up the passion, and not to cool it. A hot relaxing bath for two is always good for sexual games.

Shower for two is a great place for this. For those who wish to become wet and passionate with water, the following are the possible ways.

• Drip water on the partner’s skin. If you are in a hot bath, drip cold water to contrast the sensations.
• Lather a mild washcloth and massage the entire body of the partner.
• Massage the partner’s feet with a liquid shower gel.
• Wash your partner’s hair (top and bottom) with shampoo.
• Slowly pour the partner with water from the jug from top to bottom.
• In order to really sweat, make love in the sauna. Studies have shown that with the sweat the accumulated stress hormones are emitted from the body, as a result of which you are better relaxed and more excited.
• When you are in the bathroom, let the partner close his eyes, and you write a finger on his back with an intimate message or picture, and he can guess your hints.
• Add lavender oil to the bath. Studies have shown that men find this smell erotic.