Why orgasm is good for your health

Orgasm will make you beautiful

Lady Gaga says that the secret of her skin is very simple: spinach and orgasms, many-many orgasms! Nothing surprising: during sex in the female body doubles the level of the hormone of beauty – estrogen, which, is responsible for the youth and beauty of the skin.

In addition, orgasm helps to not to become fat. The average 30-minute sex session burns up to 200 calories. And it also regulates your appetite, so you will not want to eat different sweets. And the pheromones that your body radishes after sex make you sometimes more attractive to the opposite sex. The more active your sexual life – the more pheromones!

Orgasm helps to keep healthy reproductive organs

Sex improves blood circulation in the most female parts of your body, which affect positively their condition. By the way, “red days” – not a reason at all to refuse satisfaction. Orgasm during this period helps to prevent endometriosis – an unpleasant illness that leads to infertility.

Orgasm helps to fight stress

Your mental and emotional state is directly related to sex. His absence causes depression. But any sexual activity (including an orgasm) forces your body to produce oxytocin – the so-called hormone of hugs. This is the best hormone in the world. He is responsible for the sense of satisfaction, reduces the feeling of anxiety and fear, and increases the sense of trust between the partners. Oxytocin is good in itself, but it launches into the body a whole chain of processes that lead to the development of endorphins, which will make you feel good and calm. In addition, endorphins have a sedative effect, which means that you will have a good sleep.

Orgasm relieves pain

Do you think if you have a headache than is it a good excuse to not to have sex? But no! A headache this is a direct indication that it is time for having sex. All the same, oxytocin and endorphins are good in the fight against many types of pain (from arthritis to migraines) and ten times more effective than conventional pain relievers are. Even without side effects.