Erotic games in the shower

People also like to play while making love. Do not underestimate the importance of laughter as a stimulator of your desire and the variety of caresses that you give to each other. To enhance passion in foreplay, couples play in a variety of games. Very popular poker for undressing, but there are also many other games that might suit you.

A cold shower is known for the legendary story of lunch, which had to be interrupted due to a sudden desire. The hero of the story suddenly left the room for lunch (to avoid the realization of his impulse) and ran to a cold shower in order to cool his ardor. However, there are ways to use the shower to stir up the passion, and not to cool it. A hot relaxing bath for two is always good for sexual games.

Shower for two is a great place for this. For those who wish to become wet and passionate with water, the following are the possible ways.

• Drip water on the partner’s skin. If you are in a hot bath, drip cold water to contrast the sensations.
• Lather a mild washcloth and massage the entire body of the partner.
• Massage the partner’s feet with a liquid shower gel.
• Wash your partner’s hair (top and bottom) with shampoo.
• Slowly pour the partner with water from the jug from top to bottom.
• In order to really sweat, make love in the sauna. Studies have shown that with the sweat the accumulated stress hormones are emitted from the body, as a result of which you are better relaxed and more excited.
• When you are in the bathroom, let the partner close his eyes, and you write a finger on his back with an intimate message or picture, and he can guess your hints.
• Add lavender oil to the bath. Studies have shown that men find this smell erotic.