What woman wants

What woman wants from you in bed

Prepare for sex

If you do not know how to satisfy a woman in bed, make her a pleasant surprise before doing love. For girls, sex is not just physical intimacy. First of all, they want to feel welcome and loved. Therefore, you definitely will not do worse if you arrange a romantic date or just bring flowers.

Of course, your good manners will not make a girl undress faster, but she will note your efforts. For their part, the girls know that good underwear is one of those items that men want to see in bed.

Attention after sex

Women do not like it when a man feels orgasm and does not pay attention to her anymore. He wants to either sleep or eat, but she wants kisses and tenderness. Do not leave a woman alone, because even the best can be spoiled by bad thoughts at this moment. Lie near her so that she feels important and desired.

What women want in bed

Each woman is unique in her sexual desires. Some prefer passionate sex, others prefer more sensual and gentle. But there are several ways, how to please every woman. I reveal the secrets of how to satisfy a girl in sex.

Oral sex

Yes, not only men like oral sex. And this sexual act is an incredible way to make the girl horny. If you think about how to light a woman, oral sex is an excellent choice.

Eye contact.

For women, it is very important to catch eye contact during sex. It is important for her to notice that the partner looks at her with desire. Then all the complexes and bad thoughts go away.


Women are very unpredictable in their sexual desires. In one day they are ready for role-playing games, in the second they want to experiment with sex toys, and in the third, they agree to traditional gentle sex.

Be romantic.

You do not even suspect, but the most common things may make women feel a sexual attraction. Just think about music, flowers, chocolate or wine.