Review: Fap Titan

Like most people, you probably like having something running in the background of your desktop while you’re working on other, more important things. We like being rewarded for doing absolutely nothing and dang it our porn should be the exact same way! Fap Titans offers you that opportunity to do nothing and see beautiful girls getting fucked by a handsome man! Sound amazing right?! It’s an overall amazing concept, gives lots of easy to earn rewards, and honestly is just really easy to beat. But does it work overall. Let’s take a closer look.


So what’s the story for Fap Titan? ….That’s not rhetorical. I’m really asking what’s the story. The best I can gather is you are a hero traveling with a group of beautiful women that you have hired to help you kill monsters. The more monsters you kill, the more you level up the girls, the more bosses you beat equates to you earning a hire ranking in that day’s tournament. You get a chest and it gives you jewelry that unlocks a silent porno scene from one of three girls.
There’s nothing wrong with this story type in principle, but if I can get a porno video for free with minimal effort…why bother having any type of business model that goes along with it? Because the story is so minimal, there’s not great urge for me to do more than level up my girls so they earn me more money so I can get more with less effort.


The game is fairly straight forward, but there’s so many different parts to it.
The base part of the game is you are a hero that hires fierce female warrior to join your horde. You then fight monsters and when you kill them they give you gold. This game is interesting because the female characters will actually fight monsters without needing your help, except when it comes to the bosses that show up about every five to ten levels. In order to beat a level, you have to kill ten minions. The game allows you to go back five levels, and higher levels have higher gold pay outs. Those levels can be played infinitely. It’s so easy to beat the level before the boss and just let the girls beat the minions while you work on other stuff you have going on.

You can also go through and work your way through a tower full of horrible monsters that will give you special gems and other prizes. The gems they give you can be used to upgrade your character in various traits and overall make him even more formattable.
In your arsenal you have two important bars to keep track off- the damage per second that your girls have when they fight a monster and the damage per click that you have when you actually help out. More women in your horde make both of them go higher. You also get some bonuses with a few of the girls, like clicks having fifteen times more power for fifteen seconds.

There’s just so many different mini quests that you can do that it almost seems like the game makers weren’t sure of what the game is supposed to be.


The graphics are fairly basic in this game. There’s not a whole lot of variation in the game. When it comes to the girls or the monsters. It feels like every level had different variations of the same like six character designs. While the girls you hire look interesting on their little cards, when you actually take a look at them up close or one right after the next, you notice that they look the same, just different costumes.

The animation in the hentai videos that you can earn is pretty good quality. Everything looks good and moves the way that it should. I just think there’s still a lot of things that need to be updated to make the game better and the graphics are definitely one of them.


One thing about this game that kind of bothers me, but not really, is the business model. See in order to promote your girls, a.k.a seduce them into taking their clothes off to make them more powerful, you need gems. You have to buy the gems in order to make them power up, however, not level up.
Let me explain.
The girls can go up, what seems like an infinite amount of levels for a certain amount of gold. In order to substantially increase their attacks, you have to promote them. To promote them you need gems. Understand?
The reason the business model throws me off is because… it almost seems unnecessary. Like I know why it’s there, but considering you can get hentai video clips just by placing in ranks… Is it really worth it?


The music is not really memorable. It’s good when you’re actually playing the game and fits the style of the game. I just don’t really remember anything super special about it. I think this works against the game because if the music doesn’t keep my attention, why should I care about it? What do I gain from keeping the music on?


So, this game is similar to others that I’ve played where you have cards with women on them. The more powerful that they are the less clothes that they have on. In order to promote them however, you have to drop some money. At least where the cards are concerned. If you go over to the rankings, you’ll receive a chest each day depending on your ranking. When you earn a chest, there’s a chance of winning a smutty image of girls in various situations and you can go through and actually sort through and favorite them. In some chests, there’s a piece of jewelry. That jewelry correlates with one or more girls.
Where am I going with this? Fap Titans stands out because you can earn freaking hentai videos. No other game that I played gives you that, and for free if you put in a little work. This definitely makes it stand out compared to other games.


I like this game. I think that it’s pretty easy to advance and you don’t really have to do much in order to gain money. That being said, there’s no story, no real game play, and very little porn without a lot of just dumb luck. If you like just running something in your background and not giving it a second thought, then maybe you’ll love this game. I just know that for me, it left a lot to be desired.
This begs the question: is it a bad game? No. It’s a good game, it’s easy to level up your girls, and making money is super easy. It’s by no stretch a bad game, but I definitely think that it needs some more work in a few areas. I’d like there to be some more of a story behind what you’re doing and maybe make it easier to promote the girls without having to drop a bunch of money. Overall, not the worst game that I’ve played, but not the best either.
Not sure if you should believe me or try it out yourself? Log on today and begin your hero’s quest.


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