First sex

The rules of the first sex for girls

The first sexual experience can occur at different ages. As a rule, it is acquired because of not only attraction and deep feelings. Sometimes psychological and social factors play a big role. Great responsibility in this situation goes on man, so the rules of the first sex are so important. If he proves to be rude, it can make a mental issue the lady and in this way prompt issues later on sexual life. To prevent this, you should take after specific guidelines of the first sex.

The primary rules of the first sex are that the determining role is played by the emotional mood and desire. These explain the fact that in most cases, the first sex for girls is painless. If a girl feels that the desire for sex is great and feels her willingness to have sexual intercourse with this man, she does not experience pain. If you just calm down, stop being afraid, then all unpleasant sensations will disappear. In some cases, a girl may experience minor short-term pain. This is due to your physiological characteristics.

Break between the first and second sex

You may not feel pain when you have sex on your second time. Only between the first and the second act must pass some time. The body will need to restore. Usually, it takes about five days.  At the first sex, as a rule, a woman receives satisfaction only from the care of a man, but not from the act itself.

Defloration in several steps

The rules of the first sex are such that defloration does not necessarily have to occur at one time. If a woman experiences unpleasant sensations or pain that she can not tolerate, then you can try to complete it in several steps. This approach has several advantages. With each new attempt, the girl’s fear becomes weaker, so it will be easier for defloration. Most often during the first sexual intercourse in the vagina, there is bloody discharge, but sometimes this does not happen. In either case, both partners should be careful. This, however, concerns not only about the first sex.