Types of sex

Types of sex that you should try

Have you ever thought how to get rid of routine in sexual relationships? The answer is simple. You should try something new in the bed. Here I have some information about types of different new sex.

Fast sex.

It is like a sprinting distance in sex. In other words, it is the fastest sex without any preparation; it should happen in your clothing. Right place? Anywhere you want to. It may happens on the floor of the living room, in a car or in the toilet. Right time? As more spontaneous, as more effective. Rules? Caution. Do not moan or scream loudly. Enjoying silence is an important part of fast sex.

Aqua sutra

Aqua sutra or sex in water is one of the most popular types of sex. Sexologists give to the bathroom the leading place in the rating of new erotic places. The immersion in the bath is ideal for sex, at this moment the muscles relax, and the skin becomes soft to the touch. And the shower is good for more aggressive sex. Do not forget about safety equipment: mats on the bottom and special holders on the wall to ease the sexual stance and not slip. An important recommendation is that you should to be careful – condoms in the water are easily torn.

Outdoor sex

Everything is very simple. You have to go out of your house. Even if it’s a simple garden in the country. It is a pleasure to do outdoor sex both at day and night. And if you have a lot of free space, the strength of the partner’s orgasm is even more intense.

Internet sex

All kinds of sex with intimal communication with a partner here and now, with or without a camera are good. The cybersex also includes sex on the phone, outright messages or letters. According to statistics, 30% of internet users do it for time to time. This phenomenon has a bad side. You may become addictive and it will create emotional problems and changes in normal sexual life. In this case, it equates to drug addiction.